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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

SchabelTech Benefits

One-Stop Shop

SchabelTech Roofing Granules

SchabelTech provides a full line of granules and aggregates, including both 3M™ Ceramic Coated Granules, Natural Select Granules and Aggregates. With one call, you can get whatever granules or aggregates you need.

Full Color Palet

SchabelTech Roofing Granules

People like choices and colors. SchabelTech gives you a wide variety of colored granules and gravel to match your customers' specs. If you don't see what you need, call us and we can get you options.

Personalized Service


When you call, you get a real person to speak with who is passionate about you having a great experience. We know our customers by name, and we'd love to show you what it's like to be valued by your supplier.

Contractors Scrambling to Catch Up After Above Average Precipitation Across Eastern USA in June

After Above Average Rainfall across most of the Middle and Eastern Half of the USA, Contractors are Scrambling to Complete Backlog 

Roofing Revenues and Profits are Up, but Are You Setup To Capture Current Demand?

Roofing Revenue and Profits Analysis_SchabelTech_June 2019 (pdf)


Aggregate Color Chart Download

Click below to see our great selection of colored quartz and Natural Select aggregate. 

SchabelTech Color Chart_2019 (pdf)


Logistics Benefits

Shipping Made Simple

SchabelTech Shipping Made Simple - 3M™ Roofing Granules

Let us serve as your logistics department. We are happy to ship your granules directly to your job site.

JIT Inventory

SchabelTech Inventory

You have tight deadlines - we got you covered. We stock popular items to minimize your lead time.

Mixed Loads / LTL

Pallet of SchabelTech roofing granules

SchabelTech gives you the ability to get mixed loads and Less Than Truckload (LTL) quantities.

About Us

Quick Background

SchabelTech is your full-service one-stop granules and aggregates shop. We specialize in roofing granules for flat, low-slope commercial and industrial roofs and washed, dried and bagged sand and gravel for commercial contractors. 

SchabelTech is a third-generation, family-run business that is proudly Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating. We are a granule and aggregates supplier and are proud of the quality and the breadth of the products well sell. We are uniquely a one-stop shop, selling both the popular 3M™ roofing granules and natural colored granules and aggregates. We are a 3M™ distributor and sell their full line of ceramic coated roofing granules. We also offer natural granules, sands and gravels across the United States. 

We intentionally provide you options to make it easy for you to meet your customers' specs with one phone call to SchabelTech. You no longer need to work with two ordering processes, two invoices, two shipping points, two points of contact, etc.

SchabelTech’s granules and aggregates are an excellent addition to your next commercial project. Call us today to see how easy and efficient it is to get your granules and aggregates when and where you need them!

Why Use Roofing Granules?

SchabelTech Roofing Granules help mitigate bird pecking damage on commercial and industrial roofs

Benefits of Roofing Granules

Granules are used as a coating layer on commercial roofs due to their many performance benefits. Some of the most common reasons for using roofing granules are that they can:

  • Help mitigate bird pecking, cracking and checking, minimizing damage and costly repairs.
  • Increase durability and improved traction for foot traffic for contractors or building owners who need to do inspections or maintenance.
  • Resist UV light damage, which helps to improve durability and longevity. In the end, this benefit can improve your return on investment and keep your costs low.
  • Improve fire ratings / resistance, leading to greater peace of mind and protection.
  • Enhance weather resistance, especially in areas more prone to experience severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and hail.
  • Provide desired aesthetic appearance.
  • Add mechanical strength to roof.

Where Do I Buy Roofing Granules and Aggregates?

SchabelTech is Your One-Stop Granule and Aggregate Shop

SchabelTech Roofing Granules - both 3M Roofing Granules and Natural Select Roofing Granules

Granules, Sand and Gravel are used all around us, but they can often be hard to get and are sometimes an afterthought for a project. Common questions like where do I buy roofing granules, or where do I buy washed, dried and bagged sand and gravel lead to hours of searches and numerous calls to vendors who don't have the sand, gravel and granules for sale that meet your specs. Your search for either ceramic coated roofing granules, like 3M Classic Granules, or natural granules, or bagged sand and gravel has found an answer at SchabelTech. Call us today to buy the granules and aggregates you need, and we'll even arrange the freight for you! That's shipping made simple, that's ordering made easy. That's SchabelTech.


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Ordering Made Easy

Streamlined Order Forms

  • SchabelTech sends you the information needed to process an order upfront, increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Our process has proven to decrease the back-and-forth clarification calls and emails that distract you from customer service.

Order Confirmations

  • SchabelTech sends you an email confirming your order to ensure accuracy and peace of mind that your order is being processed.
  • Your order confirmation provides you straightforward pricing and timing details to enable you to schedule your work.

Shipping Made Simple

  • You have to work around customer schedules, weather factors, resource constraints and more. Let your SchabelTech team act as your logistics arm to arrange the freight for you.
  • When your order ships, SchabelTech provides you the freight tracking details. We believe you should have full access to the information you need to schedule your work. Wondering where your granules are is not something you should worry about.

Awesome Accounting

  • SchabelTech’s invoices provide you as much or as little information as you need. We never include hidden fees, allowing you to manage your finances with peace of mind.
  • SchabelTech makes it easy to pay invoices and always sends you proof of payment for your record keeping.

Thank You

We are Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating, which demonstrates that we take the greatest satisfaction in earning repeat business with our customers as their trusted and full-service granules and aggregates supplier. SchabelTech is a family-owned business focused on investing in quality relationships with customers built one order at a time. We feel that going the extra mile to delight our customers is the only way to do business. Each interaction can build relationships that grow for the next generation so we don’t take that for granted. We treat each order as an opportunity to help our customers provide their customers value and reliability. SchabelTech appreciates the confidence our customers place in us to help them provide the best finished product to customers of their own.

Our products are used on job sites all across the United States. We often accommodate various colors and shipping requirements to suit the specific needs of our customers’ jobs. Whatever your granules or aggregates requirements are, SchabelTech has you covered. Our customers work hard to earn their business and complete their jobs despite challenging and ever changing conditions. Buying granules, gravel and sand no longer needs to be a challenge. SchabelTech is your full-service one-stop granule and aggregate shop and is here to make ordering granules easy.

To learn more about our extensive product line, please call us at (440) 462-1500, or email us at info@schabeltech.com. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. EST. Our team is looking forward to discussing your project requirements and supplying your granules and aggregates for your next commercial project. We appreciate the time you took to review our website and we look forward to working with you!

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