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SchabelTech Inventory of 3M Roofing Granules

3M Classic Granules

About 3M Granules

SchabelTech is a proud distributor of high quality 3M™ Classic roofing granules. Since 1929, 3M™ has been making colored roofing granules with a ceramic coating for low-slope commercial and industrial roofs. Over the years, 3M™ has continued to make innovation after innovation to the roof coatings market with its granules and is well known for its white roofing granules. For nearly 90 years, 3M™ has applied its scale, quality and processing prowess to making industry leading coatings for SPF granules.

3M™’s Classic Granules are an industry standard and ubiquitous on many commercial roofs. 3M granules are very durable, enhance the roofs UV resistance and provide enhanced weather-resistant protection.

Starting with a base mineral, 3M™ applies a color and performance enhancing coating to the granule to create a consistent granule ideal for your next SPF roof project. 3M™ encapsulates the granule with a proprietary blend of a polymer coating and a surfactant, known as the DREW treatment or coating. The DREW treatment helps provide color uniformity and diminishes asphaltic staining.

3M™ #11 Grade Classic Roofing Granules are used by many large shingle manufacturers, but they are also a common ingredient in Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Systems (SPF Roofs) for their many known advantages. 

3M™ ceramic color coated granules offer many performance advantages to flat roofs, and are often selected based on their variety of beautiful colors.

Easy to Buy

SchabelTech can accommodate most requests for LTL, Mixed TL and Full TL quantities. Tell us what you need, when and where you need it, and let us take care of the rest!

Benefits of 3M™ Through SchabelTech

Decreased Lead Time

SchabelTech has warehousing and JIT order analysis to make sure you don't wait long for your 3M granules.


You don't always need Truckload volumes of the same color for each job. We are happy to ship you mixed truckloads of 3M granules and LTL of the 9300 white roofing granules from our warehouse.

Granule Delivery

You don't have time to arrange the freight with an outside party. Leverage our relationships to take arranging freight off your plate. We ship nationwide, so just tell us where your job site is and we'll take care of the rest.


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