SchabelTech Lightweight Aggregate Advantages

Great Performance - Less Weight!

There are many uses for fine lightweight aggregates. Oftentimes, fine aggregates are used simply as a low cost volume filler. Conventional fine aggregates, like sand, commonly weigh more than 95 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). Sand is commonly used simply because it's pervasive and has been used for the same application from generation to generation without a better alternative --- until SchabelTech released Lightweight Aggregate! 

LESS WEIGHT – SchabelTech Lightweight Aggregate is a fraction of the weight of ordinary sand, with densities as low as just 14 pcf, which is 85% lighter than ordinary sand! This weight savings leads to better safety conditions for workers, improved freight, and decreased weight of a finished good if used as part of a system. SchabelTech Lightweight Aggregates are a lightweight sand alternative.

ADDRESSES SILICOSIS WARNINGS – SchabelTech Lightweight Aggregate addresses the silicosis concerns caused by free silica! This is a huge health benefit to workers used to handling ordinary sand who face silicosis warnings on a regular basis.

LEED CREDITS - SchabelTech Lightweight Aggregate is based on 100% recycled feedstock and contributes towards LEED credits.

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Get lightweight aggregate that is:

  • Less weight
  • Free of free silica
  • LEED