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SchabelTech Bagged Sand and Pea Gravel

Check out this great video about our washed, dried and bagged sand and pea gravel


Washed and Dried Sand and Pea Gravel

Clean, quality sand

SchabelTech Washed and Dried 2040 Sand in 50# bags

Some sands and gravels are dusty and dirty. At SchabelTech, ours are washed and dried! You do quality work, so work with our quality products.

Cobblestone Pea Gravel

SchabelTech Cobblestone Pea Gravel, washed and dried in 50# bags

Cobblestone 1/4 pea gravel is a popular aggregate and readily available

Supreme White Pea Gravel

SchabelTech Supreme White Pea Gravel, washed and dried in 50# bags

Supreme White 6 x 10 gravel is a popular size, especially in the Southern U.S.

Sand and Gravel Made Simple and Done Right

SchabelTech Washed, Dried and Bagged Sand and Pea Gravel in 50 pound paper bags

Washed and Dried

You need a quality product to do your work. That's why we believe your sand and pea gravel should be properly washed and dried.

50# Bags

SchabelTech's sand and pea gravel comes in convenient 50# paper bags to make it easy for you to use on the job site. 56 bags come on each pallet, which is professionally stretchwrapped.

LTL / Mixed Load

Not all of your jobs use truckloads of the same material. We understand that. That's why SchabelTech makes it simple to do less than truckload (LTL) orders and mixed truckload orders of the exact sand and pea gravel that you need. 

Shipping Made Simple

Winning the work is hard enough. Arranging the right materials to arrive on the job site to do the quality work doesn't need to be. Let SchabelTech arrange the freight for you so your sand and pea gravel meet your team at the job site when and where you need it with full shipment tracking information at your fingertips. 

SchabelTech Sand and Pea Gravel Brochure