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Meet Your SchabelTech Team

SchabelTech is your full service raw materials supplier and we work hard to provide you a great experience. 

We are in the people business and provide exceptional customer service because we appreciate the confidence you place in us to help you do great work and grow your business. 

Ned's Birthday Surprise

We take work seriously at SchabelTech. We also love our coworkers and enjoy celebrating big days in fun ways. Checkout this video below to see what we did for Ned's Birthday!

Your SchabelTech Team

Ned Schabel, President of SchabelTech

Ned Schabel

SchabelTech is led by second-generation President, Ned Schabel. Ned once said “I’ve never met a company, but I have worked with many people at a company”. Ned's focus on people defines the culture of SchabelTech and is the basis of all of our customer interactions – putting you first.

Ned earned his degree in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and soon after joined the family business. Ned quickly grew the company it to a position of prominence based on quality, innovation and service.

Ned continues to lead SchabelTech with a focus on solving customers’ needs for aggregates. He is a prolific innovator with an engineer’s attention to detail. Ned is famous for providing customers options to meet their needs and helping them decide what is best for each specific project. SchabelTech’s reputation of providing the best solutions at the best price with the greatest efficiencies to customers nationwide is all thanks to Ned.

David Schabel

David Schabel

David Schabel serves as SchabelTech’s Vice President focusing on customer development, working with our partners, and new product releases. 

David earned his degree in Marketing from Miami University. He joined SchabelTech after 10 years working on sales, strategy and project management with Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies. David is passionate about making buying aggregates the easiest item on his customers' to-do list. David enjoys and appreciates earning repeat / word of mouth referral business.

Doug Gorski, SchabelTech Sales and Operations

Doug Gorski

Doug Gorski is SchabelTech’s Sales and Operations Lead. Doug exemplifies putting the customer first and has a tremendous skill for operational efficiencies.

A true Jack-of-All-Trades, Doug excels in developing innovative ways to bring products to market to meet customers opportunities. He is focused on making aggregates easier for commercial contractors to buy and use. Starting with the end-goal in mind, he has proven successful in converting an idea into execution with great results. Customers have come to rely on Doug’s professionalism, reliability and attention to detail.

Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from the University of Akron. He is skilled in optimizing SchabelTech’s logistics, fulfilling orders and producing content. Doug makes sure that each conversation with a customer leaves them feeling appreciated and that their time talking with SchabelTech was well-spent.

Why's SchabelTech Unique?

SchabelTech Aggregate

SchabelTech's Differentiators

For 3 generations, SchabelTech has relentlessly focused on people - our team, our customers and our partners. We are constantly working to proactively provide or engineer products that are better, less expensive or more easily procured for our customers. We love it when our customers ask us what’s new or come to us for help on a specific project. To answer to the age-old question of “where do I buy roofing granules?” SchabelTech stays ahead of the curve on roofing granule developments, supply chain optimization opportunities and industry news to provide you nothing short of the best aggregate experience.

SchabelTech’s sales approach is unique. Instead of “selling” our customers, we give customers options to make the best decision for their business. As your supplier of granules and gravel, we work to offer you options and the information needed to make the right purchasing decision for the job at hand. We focus on which product(s) will provide your end customers either better reliability, timeliness, performance and/or pricing.

As one of the industry’s pioneers in Just-In-Time inventory, SchabelTech specializes in order patterns and staying ahead of customers’ project deadlines. We enjoy cultivating relationships with our distribution and supply chain partners and we act as many of our customers’ logistics department. We also know that not all jobs adhere to the best laid plans, do to weather, resource availability and other factors outside of your control. So to help mitigate last-minute jobs and rush orders, we invest in warehousing capabilities to best accommodate our customers’ needs.

Ease of ordering and the reliability of order fulfillment is one of SchabelTech’s greatest strengths. Our customers need dependability and efficiency. We know that our customers can’t do their best work if a critical component to complete the job is missing. We routinely evaluate every aspect of our order fulfillment process for continuous improvement opportunities. We work very hard behind the scenes so you don’t have to. 

Ordering Made Easy

Here's what you can expect with every order you place with SchabelTech

Your SchabelTech Team works hard to make your order smooth by:

  • Leveraging our economies of scale to pass savings on to you.
  • Reviewing your order patterns to forecast and anticipate your needs to minimize your lead time on future orders. 
  • Confirming your details so you can simply move on to the other items on your list of accomplishments.
  • Providing you the invoice amounts and logistical information so you can make final project preparations.
  • Making paying the invoice very easy with various payment options, including ACH, Check and PayPal.
  • Following up with a phone call to make sure everything throughout the process went well. We often ask about the job itself because we genuinely care about the interesting work our customers do!

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. EST.  Please call us at 440-462-1500.

Your full-service engineered materials team is looking forward to working with you! 

We appreciate the time you took to review our website and we want to earn your business.