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Natural Select Roofing Granules

Solar White

SchabelTech 610 Solar White Roofing Granule

  • 6x10 or 10x20 Size
  • 50# Bags
  • Washed and dried

Supreme White

SchabelTech 610 Supreme White Roofing Granule

  • 6x10 or 8x16  Size
  • 50# bags
  • Washed and dried   

Gold "Buff"

SchabelTech 816 Gold Roofing Granules

  • 6x10 or 8x16 Size
  • 50# Bags
  • Washed and dried


SchabelTech's Natural Select Roofing Granules

Clean Material

SchabelTech believes you need better materials than leftover stones tossed in a bag. That's why we clean our granules to make them easier for you to work with.

Convenient Packaging

Our Natural Select granule line is conveniently packaged in 50# bags, 56 to a pallet, and professionally stretchwrapped.

Multiple Colors and Sizes

SchabelTech has various sizes and colors available so you can meet your customers' specs.

Pallet Quantities

Not all jobs require full truckloads. Whatever your job requires, whether it's a pallet or multiple truckloads, we can handle it.

Nationwide Shipping

Wherever your jobs take you, let us arrange the freight for you. 

Easy Payment

Need granules ASAP? No problem! Pay with credit card through PayPal and earn credit card points while we process your order!